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London Life | The Official Move

Over my past few internships in London, I've posted a series of 'London Life' blog posts.. so it seems fitting to resume with the series, now that I've moved back (long-term!!)

It's been nearly a month since you guys have heard from me (apologies), but I swear I have been super busy! Currently in my sixth week working for ROKSANDA and living in London and I'm absolutely loving it...

With everything happening so fast, in terms of getting offered the job and moving, I didn't really have an option, other than to dive in head first and make the most of it. I arrived in London on Friday, the 31st of March, moved into my new flat on the 1st of April and started working on Monday the 3rd. I've been so fortunate that I ended up living with two amazing girls, both so sweet and welcoming and have truly made the transition so much easier. Similarly, I'm so grateful for the incredible team that I get to work with every day at ROKSANDA, every single person has …

Paris & London | A Month of Madness

The last you guys heard, I was in London for Fashion Week, well oh how things have changed...


Following London, I was at home for a week, before flying to Paris on the 28th of February for the ROKSANDA AW17 Sales week. I arrived in on the Tuesday night, just in time to finish out Pancake Tuesday with Katie and I had the next day to chill before starting the week in the showroom from the 2nd-10th of March.

It was a great (albeit hectic) week, doing anything from teas and coffees, to dressing the models, merchandising and greeting clients. Half way through the week in the showroom (6th of March to be precise), I had a follow up chat with Carmela the CEO, re: the interview I had in the ROKSANDA Head Office, back in February when I was in London *drum Roll please* and I got offered the job as Office Manager at ROKSANDA in London. To say that I was elated, would be an understatement, it didn't feel real, the thought of a permanent paid position in a high-end womenswear …

15 Ways to Ready Your Wardrobe for Spring

So I've always been interested in the idea of doing a styling advice post and as Spring is truly underway, I decided why not do a post on how to transition your Winter wardrobe to Spring. With inspiration fromBonobos' exclusive Spring Summer range, I couldn't resist.
Here are my top tips for transitioning your wardrobe from Winter to Spring:
1. Lose The Black

First things first, you've got to ditch the darker winter tones and brighten up your wardrobe. Say farewell to the thick wooly jumpers and bring out some light cotton shirts paired with some light pastel toned trousers/shorts. If the summer weather hasn't hit in, wherever you are, add a light bomber jacket or casual zip-up hoodie, just nothing too heavy.

2. Ditch The Boots

Another easy step to take from Winter to Spring, is with your shoes. Ditch the heavy shoes, like your Timberlands, Chelsea boots and Doc Martens and switch to your lighter summer options, like boat shoes, espradrilles, Birkenstocks or class…

8 Days in London | London Fashion Week

From the 14th to 21st of February, I was in London working up until London Fashion Week. It was a jam packed eight days, full of late nights, early mornings, amazing shows and great people!

Arriving in London, on the 14th (Valentines Day), I went straight from Gatwick to the Gareth Pugh Studios in Somerset House. I couldn't wait to get back to the team (there were a few familiar faces from last season, as well as a few lovely new ones too!). It was quite strange arriving so close to fashion week, as before I'd have always been there at least a few weeks, if not a few months, before the show, so I would have seen the collection coming together. However, this time there was five days to go til the show and the majority of the collection was complete, bar a few alterations that would be made after fittings. After I caught up with guys from last season, we got down to business, pretty straight forward jobs of finishing off the garments with fastenings or alterations etc. It was kin…

10 days in Paris | ROKSANDA Pre Fall 17

From the 18th to 28th of January, I was fortunate enough to spend ten days in the incredible city that is Paris. Eight of those ten days were spent in the incredible ROKSANDA showroom and the other two days spent exploring Paris, in all it's finery.

Having arrived in late on Wednesday, I went for dinner with friends, Laura and Ronan and had a lovely catch up. Thursday, the exploring began, with Palais Royal and Pyramide du Louvre, I then ventured into the Musee du Louvre, where I finally witnessed masterpieces such as the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo and Cimabue's Maesta, which I remember all to well from school art examinations.

Thursday night, I moved onto my home for the rest of the week at Katie's, who I was fortunate enough to have made an amazing friend in, since my first internship in London at GILES. It was Katie, who recommended me for the opportunity to intern at the ROKSANDA showroom and I'm forever indebted.

So Friday brought the first day in the showroom, the …